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Guard Card

Learn the benefits of Guard Card classes and the steps necessary to complete the process.

Armed Security

Becoming a licensed armed security guard is a prestigious position that often pays higher than unarmed positions.


Unarmed Security

Unarmed security guards act as a preliminary defense system before police involvement. Security Guards are a vital part of the safety of public infrastructure.


Ignite your security career with our premier Level II Training Course – an essential step for those aspiring to become non-commissioned, commissioned security officers, and personal protection officers. As endorsed by the esteemed TAC 35.141, this critical training is accessible through licensed Level III or Level IV Training Schools, guided by certified Level III or Level IV Instructors. Alternatively, our accomplished guard company representatives can also guide your journey. Unleash your potential, enhance your expertise, and embrace the path to excellence. Seize the opportunity to elevate your skills and knowledge today!


Elevate your training and expand your skill set with the Level III Training Course. Designed for all commissioned security officers and personal protection officers, this course spans a minimum of 45 hours, featuring a comprehensive test and live-fire exercises. Delivered by a licensed Level III Instructor from an accredited Level III Training School, this program guarantees firearm proficiency. Showcasing this expertise is a requirement within 90 days of application, marking a significant step in your career advancement.

Level 4

Attain the pinnacle of Security guard training expertise through the most comprehensive training. Crafted by Texas DPS-RSD, this course establishes a foundational understanding in the bodyguard industry, surpassing state standards and providing licensure certification. While a solid stepping stone, it's important to note that further training and hands-on experience are imperative for true professional bodyguard capabilities. Should you have completed a bodyguard course in a different state, kindly note that it isn't acknowledged in Texas. Attending our program is essential for securing a Texas Bodyguard license; there is no "National Bodyguard License." Meeting the state exam and course requisites are legal mandates for Texan operations. Our Level III Training Course (with a minimum of 45 hours) and accompanying test (comprising a course of fire) are obligatory for commissioned security officers and personal protection officers. Administered by licensed Level III Training Schools and taught by accredited Level III Instructors, this training is your key to firearm proficiency. Displaying this mastery within 90 days of application marks a pivotal milestone. (Note: Specific Peace Officers could be exempt per TAC 35.141(b))

Each state has different requirements and laws and regulations are always changing please consult your state's security department to obtain the latest information.

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Training Components


Conflict Resolution Training

Through this in-depth 12-hour course, you’ll learn the principles of Verbal Judo, The Force Continuum, Escalation and De-Escalation, Communication Skills, Weaponless Strategies, Injury Prevention, and Use of Force Policy so you can skillfully manage conflict.


Patrol Techniques

This 4-hour course covers SSS's professional standards for engaged, proactive foot patrols (including internal and external areas), and vehicular patrols to inspect outdoor areas for illegally parked cars.


Criminal Law Class

Our 12-hour criminal law course covers crime prevention, detection, and reporting of suspicious behaviors as well as the handling of property theft and applicable state Penal Codes.


Threat Management Training

Through this 8-hour course, you’ll uncover principles of Situational Awareness, Vigilance, Psychological Profiling, Identifying Behaviors of Concern, Active Shooter scenarios, and Crisis Management.


Customer Service Training

This 8-hour training is designed to teach exceptional courtesy, respect, and professional standards. You will learn uniform and grooming standards, how to maintain an approachable demeanor, and how to be a responsive resource for clients and the public. This includes giving directions to client buildings and public parking spaces, signing clients in and out of buildings, and addressing safety concerns.


Security Technology Training

You learn how to use the latest apps in the security technology space to clock in with GPS location time stamping, submit Daily Activity Reports (DAR) and Incident Reports (IR), and document all security concerns and incidents.

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